Knowledge is meaningless without behavior change, which is why training programs often fail. We are the company for behavior change through technology. Here's the problem you face and the solution we offer.

The Problem

Unwanted behaviors cost US companies $650 billion annually. Sadly, traditional training doesn't change behaviors for two reasons. First, employees retain less than 20% of what they learn. Second, knowledge alone doesn't change behavior. For example, knowing fast food is unhealthy doesn't stop people from eating it.

The Solution

Bitesize is different than traditional training approaches in two pivotal ways. First, we partner with clients to create training materials that produce 50-75% retention. Second, we move learners beyond knowing something to doing something. Our technology leverages psychology and mentorship to dramatically increase successful behaviors.


Learn about the Bitesize difference in this video.


Our experts design a memorable, customized curriculum with a razor-sharp focus on application. They strategically schedule bitesized messages to give you what you need to know when you need to know it. Here's how it works:

See how Bitesize works in this video.


MOVING Beyond Training To Behavior Change

Our methodology combines psychology, mentorship, and technology producing the change you need to get the results you want.