The app trains my team in ways that I'm so grateful for. In fact, it trains your new team members and you at the same time. It sends reminders to the person. And it sends a separate email to the mentor saying: "You may want to follow up with this person and ask the following questions."  So it provides built-in accountability and training.


In Facebook groups, we're sharing resources, stories, and incredible info. But it's not realistic to think, all your customers are getting the same information from our Facebook pages. Instead, you want to have this app also saying things like, "Check out these clinical studies. Look at this video." It shares all of our great resources, so you don't have to rely on customers going to your Facebook page to learn what they need to know.


Another great thing about the app is that it's following up with your clients consistently. And it opens up the door for you to have more communication with your clients. I've gotten messages back from clients. Then I'm able to hit reply and add one more thing with very little effort on my part.


Literally the best personal assistant ever! Do you have time to go through and remind everybody to take their product? If you don't, then you need the app. Do you have time to go through and check all the back office numbers? Instead of taking all this time on little details, we can be working our personal business, and the app fills in these gaps.


The last thing I love about the app is the educational piece. We have all of these resources to share. And if you're like me, you're trying to pull from all this stuff on our website. The app is educating people using the best selection of these resources. It is educating them on things like the importance of consistency, educating them on water intake, educating them on proper food intake. And the app is encouraging them too. It's great for people who need those reminders. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going through putting out fires. Well, this app prevents a lot of those fire by educating my customers as they need that information.