Rob Tietjen, President

Rob Tietjen is acclaimed for his ability to create strong and loyal teams who are motivated to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. His customers are often "fanatic" about the level of service and the quality of product they receive. He has a keen eye for software usability and understands the database-needs of large, global organizations. 

For the past 18 years, Rob has been managing technology and training organizations. In 2002, he founded Policy Technologies International, the leading global provider of policy and procedure management software. The software was highly recommended in Dorian Cougias’ Say What You Do, a definitive guide to information technology process documentation, and it has achieved and maintained the exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association since 2007. After selling the company, Rob served as Vice President of Product Planning & Management over all software products for NAVEX Global Inc., a leading provider of ethics and compliance software and content for 8000+ customers—including 70% of the Fortune 500. During this period, he worked closely with many small, medium, and large organizations to address their specific technology requirements. 

In addition, Rob served as Chairman of the Performance Improvement and Accreditation Committee of a Top 100 hospital—helping them become one of the first U.S. hospitals to achieve ISO 9001 certification and receive the coveted Northwest Hospital Quality Award. 

Rob holds a master’s degree in communications and taught at both the university and secondary education levels. He has been invited to present at many national and international conferences and awareness events, and served on the OCEG Policy Management Committee, focusing on helping global organizations advance their policy awareness and compliance initiatives. Rob has chaired many community and nonprofit organizations, and serves on the board of several technology corporations. Most important, he is intensely committed to his family, faith, and community.