John Rogers, VP Operations

As the Vice President of Operations at Bitesize, John Rogers works directly with Client Services, Technology Development, and Content Creation—positioning him to incorporate client feedback and ensure every Bitesize experience identifies, articulates, and magnifies the unique value each client brings to the world. 

As an operational strategist and information design specialist, John brings a level of clarity and organization to the company that simplifies, empowers, and ensures teams are set up to succeed. His proactive and detail-oriented approach ensures that information is readily available, clients are informed, and deadlines are kept.

Driven by a desire to increase communication between companies, their employees and their customers, John has built strategic, sustainable, and holistic marketing, sales, accounting, and employee empowerment systems for his clients. 

Before joining the team at Bitesize, John was co-owner and founder of ScopeTechs, Inc, a consulting firm that specialized in high-level Strategic Action Planning, Customer Experience Design, and Retention Management.

I joined the team at Bitesize because of their commitment to making a difference in the world by combining technology and education to make complicated problems easily digestible. It is an honor to work alongside our clients as we set their customers and teams up to succeed.
— John Rogers