With experience in direct sales, healthcare, safety, and thought leadership, our Bitesize methodology has proven time and time again that it doesn’t matter what kind of company is looking for results, we’ll be able to help you succeed . . . one bite at a time. 



Here’s what our clients are saying.

On training your team

"[The app] trains my team in ways that I'm so grateful for. [The app] trains your new team members and you. It gives built in accountability with the training."

On sharing resources

"But it's not realistic to think everyone is getting the same information from our regular training. With [the app] everyone is getting messages like,  'Check out these clinical studies, or look at this video. Don't forget to . . . . ' It's got these really great practical tips."

On following-up

"What's so great about [the app] is it's following up with them [the team] so consistentlyand this opens up the doors for more communication. I've gotten messages back saying, 'Oh, I appreciate the tip about . . . .' "

On saving time

"Literally the best personal assistant ever! Do you have time to go through and remind somebody just to get them to take their product? Do you have time to go through and check all your phone numbers? If you don't, then you need [the app]. We can be working our personal business and [the app] fills in these gaps."

On educating clients

"My last thing I love about [the app] is the educational piece. All of the videos available to my people. [The app] is educating them on the importance of consistency, educating them on water intake, educating them on proper food intake. It's encouraging them. It's been great for people who need those reminders and that accountability."

On implementing best practices

"Working with Brett and the Bitesize team has been transformative. Since working with Brett and his team, we have totally revamped the way we think of training. We've also tried lots of CRMs in the past, and they were all overkill. Our new app is just what our builders need to get moving and having success. I travel all over the world and wherever I go, my team members tell me that the app has made their lives SO much simpler.”


Case Studies

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With Bitesize, your direct sales company can change the ineffective behaviors in your sales force. We teach your distributors how to effectively share and sell products. Not only that, we teach the best business practices to help them succeed. We work with you to make back-office resources more effective. Our technology allows the distributor to easily access difficult-to-find materials and quickly share product information. Using Bitesize, your sales force will more effectively educate prospects and retain customers. Request a demo to see how Bitesize can drive your company to greater enrollment and sales.

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Bitesize can benefit healthcare in two important ways. First, we can help your dedicated staff rise higher. Within healthcare, there are many regulations to remember and implement. Incorrectly implementing these regulations can cost facilities hundreds of thousands! Our proven process will help your staff retain more of the training, thus performing their jobs with more expertise. We provide the reminders that your busy staff needs at just the right time.

The second way Bitesize can help heathcare is by improving patient rehabilitation. Patients often don't follow medical advice after they leave the facility. They then fall short of a full recovery. Our platform is ideal for patient recovery and health improvement because we support new habits. Bitesize can help your patients realize the full benefits of your expertise.

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Preventable workplace injuries cost companies thousands each year. Bitesize helps companies by cutting these losses through effective behavior change. Our methodology supports safety behaviors by using social accountability, memorable information, and on-the-job implementation. Bitesize can help your company rally behind greater safety practices. 

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How often do your learners leave seminars feeling motivated, but still fail to implement your ideas and concepts? Your ideas will change people only if they consistently apply what they have learned. Our behaviorally-focused curriculum inspires just such application. Utilize our behavior change platform to transform the world.