What Makes a Good Leader?

Being a good leader is not all about natural skill, poise, or talent. According to experts, there is 1 thing you need to be a good leader—humility.

Scrap the Ego and Learn

Leadership skills can be learned. Shy people can learn to be outgoing. People who talk too fast can learn to slow down their speech. Those who hate confrontation can learn how to handle tense situations. These are all great, but there is 1 essential leadership skill that MUST be acquired to be a good leader. It is being able to scrap your ego and do what is best regardless of how it might make you look.

Be humble and teachable; it can help you go further than you might realize.

Frank’s Mistake

Frank seemed like a strong, powerful leader. With his shiny blue suit and booming voice, he commanded attention. He thought appearing bigger and better than others would make him more successful—wrong. Since Frank let his ego lead the way, he wouldn’t admit when he made an error that cost the company money. He threw others under the bus instead of being honest. Frank’s real mistake was not losing the money; it was not being able to admit it. His leaders realized they couldn’t trust him, and Frank lost his job.

Frank's fatal flaw was pride. If he would have put aside his pride and been more humble in the workplace, he may have been incredibly successful.

Is being humble the only important aspect of being a leader? No. There are many attributes that align with good leadership, including clear communication, decisiveness, emotional intelligence, and vision. But without the guts to recognize when you are wrong and learn to fix it, those other skills won’t make up for the slack.

Humility is Not Weak

Humility is not being weak or tearing yourself down. It shouldn’t be self-defeating. Humility is seeing your strengths and your weaknesses then making an effort to improve what you can. If you always think you are right, you are wrong.

Lead the Way

Want to be an excellent leader? Go ahead and work on skills like public speaking, motivating, and collaborating. But don’t forget the most important aspect of leadership—humility. Admit when you are wrong. (People will respect you for it.) Then do all you can to solve the problem and improve.

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