Why You Shouldn't Just Focus on the Positive

Don't waste your time just upselling the benefits of your product! Though it's important to know the benefits, there are more effective ways to get people interested in what you're selling. Here are some reasons you should focus on more than just the positive.


What do Your Customers Have to lose?

When faced with a difficult decision, research shows that people are more motivated to choose options that avoid loss in some way. There's nothing quite as disappointing as a missed opportunity, the one who got away, the hand you should have called a bluff on but didn't, or the sale that you missed.  

So when trying to sell a product or service, it is important to not only focus on the positive aspects of your product, but also address the concerns of your customers.

So, what's the best way to address this? Here are a couple of approaches.

Approach #1: What does the customer have to lose if they buy the product?

The first approach is to assess the risks involved with purchasing your product. Start by asking yourself what the customer is afraid of losing in the transaction. If your customer has never tried you product before, the risk of buying your product is pretty low.

What if they don't like it? They don't want to waste their money on something they could likely regret. So how do you deal with this? One great solution to this problem is to offer a money-back guarantee. This brings the risk down and encourages the customer to give the product a try.

Approach #2: What will the customer lose if they don't buy the product?

Next, think about what the customer will lose by not choosing your product. How could you take advantage of this?

One way to do this is to have a limited-time sale. Make it clear that the customer might not have another chance to take advantage of the sale. This will make the customer concerned about losing an opportunity and therefore more likely to take action.

Can you think of a time that you bought something you wouldn't have otherwise just because it was on sale? Do you know anyone else who has? That's what makes this principle so effective.


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