What You Need To Know about Social Media And Marketing

The times in marketing are changing, and businesses are working like mad men to make needed adjustments. "Mad men," in fact, is an appropriate term; it was coined in the fifties (more recently popularized by the TV drama Mad Men) to describe advertisers on Madison Avenue in New York City. As the popularity of TV and radio grew, advertisers in the fifties and sixties had to learn to effectively take advantage of those changes—much like today.


Marketing Today


Like the marketing boom in the fifties and sixties, we are at the beginning of a new age of marketing. With the introduction of social media, businesses and researchers alike are trying to find the most effective way to advertise. The difference is that today the consumers are calling the shots rather than the advertisers. Watch the following video to see how your role in marketing has changed: Consumer Influence


Consumer Influence


Ads are less powerful these days as most consumers feel like the advertising doesn't really influence them. Social media has given a voice to people everywhere, and everyone is listening. People are more likely to buy a product because of a recommendation from a friend rather than from a company. Because of this, the consumer now has the power. If a company wants to sell its products to a consumer, it now needs to focus on what the consumer is saying and not the other way around.


What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on this shift in marketing? If you have an idea of how to capitalize on consumer influence and want to help your employees or fellow consumers get in on it, leave a comment below. Also, make sure to check out How To Train The Right Way with Bitesize to learn how you can teach people with all the benefits of behavior psychology.