Change the Way You Think About Marketing

A Bitesize Approach to Powerful Marketing Results

"My nephew came out to my ranch determined not to ride horses," said Brett Harward, the company's founder and CEO. "He told me there was no way I was going to get him on a horse. So rather than telling him the benefits of horseback riding, I focused on behavior." Harward invited the horse skeptic to watch as he prepared the horse for riding. Then he asked for help brushing the horse's coat, then with saddling the horse. "Before the day was over," Harward said, "my nephew was riding by himself all over the countryside. He couldn't get enough."

What do horses and nephews have to do with marketing? It's not enough to get your prospects to become one-time customers or casual subscribers. You need to make your products and services an essential part of their daily habits and routines. You have to get them to the "can't get enough" stage where their desire to buy is beyond loyalty; it's a personal necessity.

Bitesize accomplishes this goal by dividing marketing and training material into "bites" of behavior. Customers and team members receive multimedia material and reminders through texts, emails, personal phone calls, and digital notifications. Rather than convincing people of the value of a product or service, Bitesize helps people establish positive habits that funnel directly into their clients' goals and quotas.

Bitesize clients include government agencies, hospitals, and sales companies who have a stake in getting people to act, not just learn.

The Bitesize process works through what Brett Harward calls "motion psychology"—getting people moving and keeping them moving by appealing to human psychology.

Here are just a few tools Bitesize recommends to give your organization a behavioral edge:

  • Scaffolded Learning: Flow training and marketing content in sequence, building principle upon principle. Each increment should be a non-threatening step.

  • Just-in-time Learning: Provide solutions precisely when and where they are needed. Eliminate refresher training by giving learners content and getting them to put it to use immediately.

  • Action Learning: Get learners to take action on immediate problems. When learners reflect on and apply content immediately, they participate in an immediate feedback loop that drives their behavior.


How Do You Eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time

To get full access to Bitesize's tricks of the trade, you can hire them to build you an app—and I strongly suggest you do. If you want to engage customers in the long term, form relationships and give them the content that will rewire their mindsets—and their behaviors— Bitesize your content. You'll be glad you did.