How We Do IT: The Technology Behind Bitesize

Here tech, there tech, tech everywhere . . .  Information Technology (IT)  seems to be taking over the world and revolutionizing everything. Now, Bitesize IT is taking over and revolutionizing training.


Bitesize leverages IT for change


Traditional training produces little change, and that's frustrating—not to mention expensive. After hours of trying to motivate and educate, its difficult to produce permanent change.

Bitesize is different. At Bitesize, we combine

          (1) revolutionary modern technologies,

          (2) bite-sized behavior psychology, and

          (3) learning enhanced through relationships.

These three principles synthesized together to create a new learning methodology.  Our consultation services partner with clients to create custom training that — when delivered through our technology — changes behavior.


1. Carefully streamlined platform: How we do IT

At Bitesize, we've designed an IT platform that delivers carefully timed messages, emails, texts, notifications, tip sheets, worksheets, examples, videos, introductions, etc. Learners and mentors get what they need at just the right time, so that everyone knows what is being learned, what to do, what to ask, and how to answer. Bitesize IT even builds progress-monitoring into the delivery.

Here's how it works:

Asset 10.png

Motion Organized (a Bitesize patent-pending technology) sends employees an email with video instruction about a task they will soon complete, such as closing a deal with a new customer. At the same time, the team leader receives an update about the assignment given to the employee. The next day, employees receive a brief text reminder, and the team leader will be prompted to follow-up with a quick call or face-to-face conversation. The team leader is prompted when it's time to monitor the employees' learning and answer questions thus increasing retention and accountability.


2. Just-in-time learning: How IT does psychology


“Bitesized” concepts are divided into digestible, behavior-oriented bites. Our Bitesize technology smoothly delivers 2-minute training videos followed by activities that ask employees to apply new behaviors on the job. When people apply learning in a meaningful context, they build a mental connection that creates long-term memories and new habits.

For example, you're a MLM upline sponsor, and you need to train new sales representatives on first steps for building a client base. Bitesize technology shares a 2-minute video that explains how to share samples of the product. The video is short, engaging, and informational. Next, the sponsor receives a prompt to phone one of these new team members to role-play the scenario. So when the new sales reps approach their first potential customers, they're prepared and confident.

The knowledge came just at the right time.


3. Mentor relationship-building: How IT does follow-up

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By integrating our technology into workplace relationships, organizations teach both the learners and the mentors with Bitesize. Our proprietary technology gives learners behaviors to implement on the job as it gives mentors resources to transform them into inspiring coaches.

Our technology facilitates interaction between the mentor and the learners to ingrain behaviors. These mentor-learner relationships, not only support learning but provide accountability.


Bitesize IT brings it all together


Our technology provides a multi-faceted communication experience by combining new mediums (text, auto-text, app notifications, phone notifications, and email) with traditional mediums (videos and PDFs). Bitesize imitates current social behavior to personalize the learning experience.

Learn more about Bitesize at Request a demo or sign up for a free, trial experience. To read more about effective training, go to "What You Need to Know About Just-In-Time Learning."

Add your insight below. When have you seen effective change through IT? When have you seen IT cause more problems than solutions?