Problem: Training Doesn’t Work

Direct selling companies work tirelessly to train their distributors--building sales tools and posting endless educational videos on their back end. Yet so few seem to get it. Here’s the truth: It’s not about more information. Within one-year distributors forget 90% of training from on-line videos and even live events. That’s a lot of money spent with absolutely no return.

Solution: One Bite at a Time

Bitesize is fiercely passionate about improving effective behaviors. Our patented technology mirrors the mentorship journey, and incorporates simple micro training. Distributors actually learn from activity-based experiences; not another online quiz. Vanderbilt University recently found that Bitesize increased learning retention by 50 to 75% over traditional methods.


don’t learn the right sales behaviors after traditional training. 1


Timed and targeted trainings can triple retention in Direct Selling. 2


sales force will engage more if training is broken into Bitesize lessons. 3