Bob King, Co-Ceo

Bob has extensive experience and proven success in defining overall corporate strategy, executing those strategic plans, and driving high-growth businesses. A 6-time CEO, twice for publicly-held firms, he has proven leadership experience and a clear understanding of how to leverage technology to innovate and create strategic advantage. He has been active throughout his career in formulating, communicating, and implementing transformational business plans.

Bob has served as CEO of Skinit, Inc. Chairman and CEO of Requisite Technology Inc. CEO of Eco-Products, Inc. CEO of ClickBank, Inc. and President and CEO of FoxMeyer Corporation. Most notably, Bob served as President, COO, and later CEO of Corporate Express, Inc. for 8 years, leading its global expansion through extensive organic growth, product line expansion, and rapid acquisition with industry-leading consolidation. During his tenure, revenues rose from $50M to over $4.5 billion annually in more than 10 countries.

“The first time I saw Bitesize, I got it right away—having run multiple companies in my career and spent lots of money on ineffective training programs. Bitesize tackles the hard issues of behavior change that fill financial gaps in companies and institutions.”
— Bob King